SkyWay - is a group of companies united by a trademark, which is soon to become highly profitable as Coca-Cola, Google or Apple. Holding is attracting thousands of ordinary people and organizations from already 85 countries for the developing and introducing Anatoliy Yunitskiy's SkyWay technologies to the world. He is an outstanding designer, inventor and thinker of our time,  who developed the string technology transport 39 years ago. Today, this technology is in the final stages of its design development and testing before going to the market. The innovative technology is a new milestone in the railway and urban transport, which solves many of the problems of modern transport systems. All this time, the technology has been developed and popularized throughout the world and has received the highest awards and reviews, as well as showed the demand for it at the market. In addition to the existing sets of models and prototypes, there have been tests carried at the test site, that have fully confirmed the theoretical calculations in practice. So what is left is the development of the final design documentation, creating a demonstration site and access to the market shares (IPO) in 2018. 

Today, the company is actively developing, attracting private investment and sells stocks (shares) at a large discount (from 0,07 USD to 0,01 USD per share) with a minimum package of 15 USD

Investing is open to all comers!
Currently, one third of the way  has already been  passed. SkyWay today  is a fast-growing company that offers everyone great conditions for private investment in their shares at a large discount. In just one year, in the city of Minsk (Belarus),  there has been created  a large design engineering company, consisting of 15 design offices. More than 620 professional engineers, designers and technologists  with  General Designer  Anatoliy Eduardovich Yunitskiy at the head, are developing transport, railways, interchanges, platforms and stations of the future world transportation arteries. It's hard to believe, but  it is true. In 2018, the  Design Engineering Bureau is planned to expand to 1000 people. It is  located in the business centre  “Titan.” The project is  supported by the  Belarusian authorities at the highest level and is  being well funded.
The state has also  allocated a large plot of land  for the company (36 hectares) near Minsk (Maryina Gorka)  in durables with the possibility of redemption  to create  the testing  road sections of the second level (EcoTechnoPark). At present the testing  site is under construction.  After completion, it will demonstrate  the technology in action, in real scale  and declared speeds, followed by certification and licensing. On the plot will be shown three types of transport systems - urban, freight and high speed ones. To test the speed type there has been allocated a  15-kilometer strip of land for the demonstration of the  train, moving at a speed of 500 kilometers per hour!    A special office building to work with  large international investors and customers,  will also be constructed alongside with  the park, the design and planning  of which  is being designed by Minsk Botanical Garden.  The completion  of EcoTechnoPark is planned for 2019 year.
  1. Zero  Kilometre. Scale plate 'Map of Belarus'
  2. Anchoring support for turning of  the suspended urban unibus
  3. Urban two-rail unibus: suspended, mounted
  4. String fence
  5. Alley, trees, gardens,  group of trees and  composition
  6. Building of the  production and assembly shop
  7. Beam crane of the  production and assembly shop
  8. Cast of the  Palm “ Enter SkyWay History”
  9. Complex of  the  spatial welding

  10. Complex  of the longitudinal sliding
  11. Entry group
  12. SkyWay Museum
  13. Lake with ecosystem
  14. Motor Wheel
  15. Support for the single suspended track
  16. Truss-string track structure
  17. Sculptural composition
  18. Suspended urban unibuse
Demonstration Park '2018
Construction started!
Maryina Gorka 50 km from Minsk

The spacious workshops have been leased by the company for  the creation of the pilot production, assembly and testing  of the unibuses, in the suburbs of Minsk.  There, the most important work on   the production of SKYWAY rolling stock is being carried out. The full-size working models were presented on 20-23 September 2016 at the prestigious international exhibition InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin! 

The production and design part of SkyWay, as described above, is in Belarus. The company, Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Holding Ltd, is registered in the UK (it owns all Yunitskiy’s patents) and operates under the British law for the protection of the international private investments. For this purpose, there was created a special venture capital fund - SkyWay Capital (SWC), also operating in British jurisdiction, to attract private capital to finance the construction and development in Belarus.  The cost of equity stakes, as was already mentioned, are from $15 USD and above with the multiplicity of discount from 15 to 290 (from $ 0,07 USD to $ 0,01 USD per share).  All investors will get their due shares, which will continue to rise in price. It would be tantamount to entering the market of such companies as Google, Apple, etc. SkyWay will enter the new unique market of transport, which it has created. Today dozens of individual targeted  projects of new transportation routes for  different countries and cities around the world for hundreds of billions of dollars USD have already been signed, including the United Arab Emirates (Islands), UK,  Estonia, Russia, Australia, Ireland  and other countries in the process. Potential clients are expecting only the certification of the technology, after which the implementation will be ubiquitous like the Internet.
41 815658 1 13/15
years of development participants for 2 years prior to the ICO current stage

Why is crowd investment funding SkyWay, not the large investors? As the actual practice of the SkyWay founders proved, the big business, particularly in Russia, was not ready to provide investments on acceptable terms for the developers. Everyone understands that investing in science is always a risk. That is why crowd investment was selected as a financing tool. Today, thousands of projects are developing, attracting finances with this method.  The proposal to finance the Sky Way project by the ordinary people has received wide response. The minimum investment amount in $15 USD has opened its doors to all people!

But what about the risk? It is still here, but every day it is decreasing.  And so is the size of the discount. Currently, the 13 stage (out of the 15 stages) business plan of the company has started. The company has reached it from zero just in a year and a half. The closer to the completion of the test site construction, the lower the risk; the larger investors are coming, the sooner the project is being financed. At some point (in 2018), the venture financing will be terminated, and the discount will be around 0.1 USD per share. But the sale of the shares may be terminated at any time if reaching a total planned investment of $300 million USD, i.e. any major investor could close the position. You become a shareholder of not only the technology and string transport projects, but also of all subsequent SkyWay innovations!

The last and most important thing:  the practical success of any company is its leader. Microsoft has  Bill Gates,  Apple  had Steve Jobs , and  SkyWay  has Anatoliy E. Yunitskiy, who is  the great  Innovator and  SkyWay  General Designer. Today, it's time for SkyWay to also take its place of honor. The Leader is followed by the team,  the Leader is followed by the  investors, the Leader is followed by  the projects. 

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