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After registering and confirming your E-mail, you will have access to your personal account of investor of the Sky Way Invest Group Fund.

Main sections of your personal account:

  1. Use the top menu to get help. Our support staff will answer your questions
  2. The main sections of the menu with your personal statistics
  3. Sidebar. It varies depending on the section
  4. A page with the functional sections.  Here you could see the text or forms, depending on the selected section. 

To participate in the SkyWay project as an investor, you need to take a few simple steps.


Fill out your profile. Specify the exact data and phone. You need to undergo the verification in the SkyWay Invest Group Fund. Follow the prompts. After verifying your information, your account status will change to 'verified'.  There are a lot of people  who are undergoing verifications, so the process can take  a few days.  After verification, you are legally registered in the company and have the opportunity to get into the register of SkyWay shareholders.


Now you need to determine the amount of your investment. Go to the section 'Deposits and select a specific section on the left. The Fund offers several types (STANDARD EIP or EIP INSTALLMENT) of investment: on an ongoing basis, one-time and the investments for professionals (SWIG agents). Select your preferable conditions and investment size.


In this step, you need to make a payment and your funds will be credited to your personal account (main account) in local currency - Units. The Fund takes a certain fee for operational costs and maintenance of its work.


When the funds are in your main account, return to the section ”Deposits“,  select the investment program, and  type  in the amount of units in the program,  completing  the operation.  The enrollment is instant. You get access to new educational sections of the Fund.  It  enters  you  in the registry of  SkyWay shareholders.

The Fund SkyWay Invest Group is a leading a team of skilled professionals with years of experience in investing. We are the crowd investment platform, working in the most innovative and promising project of our time! The investors of the Fund are tens of thousands of different people: teachers, businessmen, law firms, senior citizens, students, representatives of the authorities, and many others. Those who want to provide for themselves, their families and their loved ones.  You have a great opportunity to not only become a part of an ambitious project that will change the world, but also to earn in it already now. More and more people come to the SkyWay. Talk to relatives, friends, and colleagues at work about it. SkyWay has already been recognized at the level of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. It  was recognized at the level of ministries and expert  councils in Australia, UK, Ireland, the Baltic States, the United Arab Emirates. The construction of demonstration road sections is in full swing in the Republic of Belarus. Everything is economically, technically and legally justified.  The targeted projects are already being created for the immediate implementation in various parts of the world. Today, we need people who are ready to change the world and themselves!

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