General Director of Sky Way Invest Group

Andrew Hovratov - General Director of Sky Way Invest Group, Sky Way shareholder, author and creator of the training project Academy of Private Investor, a professional investor, coach and business coach for financial and investment development of the individual.

Date of birth : November 23, 1968.

In 1987 received a patent of a solo trader. Was one of the first entrepreneurs, the fifth in a row in the city that time.

Since 1993 conducted business in various fields..

Since 1998 started to work in the structural business as an agent to attract customers and in three years reached 60 000 $ / year revenue; 3 year revenue reached $100 000

In 1999 completed the training programme “ Private Investments” and became a financial consultant

In 2002 completed the training seminars from the series “ Money School””

Since 2002 „ has been educating people on the topics of Finance, Investing and Investments, Financial Development of the Individual.

In 2003 completed the training on Forex trading in in Kiev dealing centre .

In 2005 completed the investment seminar “Creating Investment Portfolios”

From 2005 to 2008  was engaged in investment in the construction and real estate

In 2006 „ completed the training on Investment in Properties in the USA

In 2007 eentered the presidential part of the structural business company.

In 2008, Andrey gathered a team of associates, and went to India to build structural business. The opening of the company took p-lace just three months after his arrival in India

At the end of the his customer network consisted of more than 25 000 people

Since 2010 Andrey has been working as an independent coach and business coach.

Since 2009 has been studying Stock Exchange trading at the stock markets and foreign exchange market FOREX in the Forex Master Academy and from private traders.

In September 2011, created one of the best training projects in Runet Internet “Academy Private Investor”

From 2002 to 06.2013 more than 100 000 people received the initial training in investing and investment from Andrey Khovratov.

In 2014, was invited to the corporation Rail Skyway Systems to lead the Directorate for Education and the development of partner networks. The same year created the Investment Fund Sky Way Investment Group that is funding the global transport project SkyWay.

From 1997 to present, Andrey has completed 35 training seminars and workshops on finance, investing and investment.

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