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In this  section you could see the news about the EcoTehnoPark construction; the site is located in Maryina Gorka, 50 km south of Minsk.  The SkyWay investors and the locals know about it , but the time will come when everyone will get to  know about it. This land will become a sort of the Embassy of the Future, where the new generations of SkyWay transport will be also tested. The park is located on the plot of 36 hectares, and also has a separate 15-kilometer stretch of high-speed train (500 km per hour), on which it will accelerate to the declared speed and will stop at the end. It is planned that the park will be continuously operating for the unlimited time.  The EcoTechnoPark main task is to demonstrate the operation of urban, freight and high-speed transport in the real world and have it certified. After that, the new transport will be ready for implementation in any corner of the world.

In addition, there will be planted a  beautiful garden (designed by the experts of Minsk Botanical Garden), and each investor has the opportunity to plant  his( her) nominal tree. Probably, the garden will also  be a home for small animals and  birds. The garden will demonstrate how environmentally friendly  the transport is.  It  does not pollute and does not steal the territory from the nature, it does not violate the balance.   The transport neither blocks  the ground water nor   creates boggy or dry places.  The minimum noise produced  by the transport,  will prove that people can live next to such  roads. Non-breaking rail does not create unpleasant knocks, allows to disperse the train-unibus up  to 500km per hour and stop it just on a 15-kilometer stretch.

  1. Zero  Kilometre. Scale plate 'Map of Belarus'
  2. Anchoring support for turning of  the suspended urban unibus
  3. Urban two-rail unibus: suspended, mounted
  4. String fence
  5. Alley, trees, gardens,  group of trees and  composition
  6. Building of the  production and assembly shop
  7. Beam crane of the  production and assembly shop
  8. Cast of the  Palm “Enter SkyWay History”
  9. Complex of  the  spatial welding
  10. Complex  of the longitudinal sliding
  11. Entry group
  12. SkyWay  Museum
  13. Lake with ecosystem
  14. Motor Wheel
  15. Support for the single suspended track
  16. Truss-string track structure
  17. Sculptural composition
  18. Suspended urban unibuse

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On the preparations for the construction of the demonstration and certification of the complex SkyWay (rus)

June 22, 2015 between Pukhovichi district executive committee of Minsk region of the Republic of Belarus and JSC 'String Technologies' (Minsk, Belarus)  there was signed an agreement to lease the land  number 1594. (rus)

The Executive Committee approved the carrying out the preparatory works for the construction of EcoTechnoPark (rus)

The contractor for the cultural-technical works is GUP  'Pukhovichy PMS' on the basis of a the concluded contract  number 13-08 / 2015, dated August 17, 2015

Video from the construction site (November 2018)






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