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Companies such as SkyWay, appear once in 100 years. If you come  across  this site today - then you are twice lucky, because we are almost at the penultimate step before opening the door to the world. And  this most democratic company invites you to become  a part of the team and contribute to the future of the planet. After all, we live for the sake of our children, and what we leave for them, depends on us.  SkyWay Holding is only 2 years old, but   we have achieved a lot:   had  the land acquisition , started the production,  created 15 design offices with the team of professional design engineers, designers and technologists. We are supported by the ordinary people, we are supported by the country's leadership. In the past there were 38 years of scientific research, hundreds of business meetings, approved  SkyWay transport projects  in different cities and countries. Today, an extensive network of offices is being created, the contracts are being  concluded with the companies, which will  be promoting and implementing  SkyWay transport projects worldwide.

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