Currently, the SkyWay company owns the patents to create string (Skyway) transport, runways for SkyWay technology, marine terminals, as well as many ideas and innovations such as Linear cities, etc.

However, the first thing the company aims at, is the market of freight and passenger traffic of the new type. Unlike automobile giants such as Toyota and BMW, SkyWay designers develop the entire infrastructure complex: the overpasses, interchanges, train stations, new trains, unibuses, as well as the entire cities and island communication. The targeted projects for each city are being developed.  SkyWay is in one line with the creators of cars, trains, planes, and it's inspiring!
 The best way to tell you about the SkyWay concepts in the section is demos.   

The technology is protected by the patents.

Yunitskiy transport system (STU) in questions and answers. 100 questions - 100 answers

What about the prospects of this technology spreading in the world in relation to present day realities from the point of view of finances?   Two-three decades, or even one decade ago it was evident that SkyWay transport is ahead of its time. The mentality of the people and the political elite, the embryonic development of computers and networks, global economic growth, all those factors were clearly not contributing to the implementation of SkyWay (string) transport. However, the time has changed a lot, and so have the realities. Today, everything favorably contributes to the implementation of SkyWay transportation technology worldwide. 

World financial crisis. 
The world is reducing costs and funding. There is a transition to electric vehicles and green energy. The energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies are following the path.  Skyway with its characteristics is beyond comparison even with the railway transport.

Reducing the cargo flow. 
It also contributes to SkyWay implementation. Today, the cargo carriers are reducing tariffs, and tomorrow will compete who will deliver the goods faster and cheaper.

Infrastructure deterioration. 
All types of roads all over the world are wearing out and require not just repair, but incredible investments.   Take the degradation of Ukrainian transport infrastructure as an example. There is no money, and it is not expected. Skyway string roads  have more than  100 year resource, and later  the replacement of the  individual strings of  15x40cm  will be much easier than  the repair  of the roadway  with more than  8 or more meters width. There are some stretches of the roads, where the speed cannot be physically increased, and they become a narrow neck of the whole line. In addition, the SkyWay roads do not replace, but merely complement and optimize a modern transport infrastructure over the medium term.

SkyWay Shares. 
People, companies, municipalities become the co-owners of not just the company, but the recipients of revenue from transportations, which they use themselves. That is if any person would have income from all rail, road or air transport, having the shares of just one company. It is unthinkable, but it is real. It is SkyWay.

Traffic jams. 
Congestion and increased urbanization of modern cities, low-speed metro adversely affect the economy of individual cities. At certain times it becomes a very big problem for people who know how to count money and live in comfort.  Say nothing of the environmental component. We are talking about finances. Metro has a limited bandwidth. SkyWay may favorably influence the situation, because it uses the unused before resource: air (roads are 5-6 meters above the ground).

Deaths and injuries.  
Every year, a huge number of people are killed or crippled due to accidents on the roads. More than 50 thousand people a year are killed in Russia, 1.5 million are injured. These are formal numbers, behind which there are not only lives that were ended abruptly, but also crippled fates of our friends and relatives. In workwise aspect, such huge numbers of the killed and crippled in accidents, threaten the enterprises with the losses of valuable employees. These people, mostly the able-bodied ones, can no longer benefit the country and bring joy to their families. Even the stops of the contemporary transport are dangerous for the public nowadays. The SkyWay transport stops are on the second level (above the ground), and the possibility of accidents practically equals zero.

The search for new sources of raw materials. 
The natural resources will not last forever, and now people are   trying to reach for them in more remote places. However, the construction of roads in such areas is not profitable, because it increases the cost of production and transportation. Some countries are literally sitting on the resources, and there is no problem with the extraction of them, but at the same time, there is no cheap transport infrastructure.  The SkyWay automatic cargo system is 3-4 times cheaper than the usual railways, and can be constructed in any terrain and in all weather conditions.

The end of oil peak. 
The oil is not infinite, and the oil peak is already over. That means that already in a little while, it will not be enough even for agriculture. SkyWay is the possibility to postpone this time and let the scientists come up with the replacement of petroleum products.

The lack of viable alternatives. 
They do not exist.  SkyWay is beyond competition.  SkyWay is the simplicity and relative cheapness of all phases of the project from the calculations of the project designs, to the industrial production of all the components and construction of SkyWay transport networks. Unibuses are simpler than modern locomotives, and they do not have a task to pull thousand ton freight trains, in which a third of the total weight is actually the locomotive itself. The emphasis in SkyWay cargo unibuses is on the movement with much more frequent   time periods and separately from the high-speed passenger lines.  The loading and unloading of the bulk cargo is carried out in just 30 seconds!

The idea of the future. 
The inhabitants of the Earth need a new idea, which they can achieve and be proud of. The train, car, plane, space, Internet have already been left behind. Today we are stalled in robotics and nanotechnology, which have only ghostly military perspectives.  They will neither change our real life, nor solve the problems people encounter on a daily basis today, and certainly, will not save someone's life. This idea we are craving, is SkyWay.  The investments follow the idea, economics follow the investments, and hence, SkyWay is the opportunity to win the economic crisis. 

The Prospects of SkyWay Transport Network Development

Transport routes are the vivifying arteries of the modern world. The blood system of the global economy must be maintained continuously in tone and be renovated.

Soon, according to SkyWay General Designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy, we will live in a new Eurasian space, which  will show completely new economic and social indicators. At the basis of the Eurasian space, will be a set of SkyWay tracks, combined into a single network of Transnet. The same networks will be created in Europe, America, Africa, subsequently joining into one global network.

From the economic point of view, it is inevitable, because moving fast, cheap and in an environmentally friendly way, is an important human need nowadays. In addition to creating a comfortable urban, intercity and international transport, this versatile system will include in the economic turnover the raw materials, which are now in the remote regions, in permafrost, jungles and highlands.

In 2003 - 2009 years,  dozens of various  SkyWay( String Transport Yunitskiy – UST) construction projects were already offered in Russia: the tracks in the Amur region, Stavropol and Khabarovsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Sochi, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Moscow;  'Nizhny Novgorod - Moscow', 'St. .Petersburg - Moscow ',' Saint-Petersburg - Kaliningrad ',' Surgut - Khanty-Mansiysk ', etc.);  UAE, China, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Australia and other countries.

The further into the 21st century, the more evident it becomes, that the traditional transport cannot cope with the functions that are assigned to it by mankind.  The worldwide transport systems is use are dangerous, not mobile, do not eliminate the problems of environmental pollution, and are highly dependent on the human factor.  For many years, 'the most of the most ' transport has been attempted to develop in Japan, China, America, Israel ... And looked like everybody has already put up with the fact, that on the territory of the former Soviet Union, there is no and will never be the effective and efficient transport innovation:  long ago, the task of creation of such transport was shifted to the East and the West. However, the former Soviet republics were not going to take their positions without a fight.

Belarus claims to be the world capital of transport

EcoTehnoPark, the first in the world center of SkyWay string transport innovation, is being built in the Republic of Belarus.  EcoTehnoPark is the name of the testing site, where the environmentally friendly transport alternative will be demonstrated in action. That is what Russian and Belarusian scientist Anatoliy Ynitskiy wants to offer to the world. 

Operating principle.

Its unusual name, the string transport has received thanks to an innovative track structure: a string-rail overpass. From the traditional railway rail, the SkyWay string rail looks almost no different.  All the innovation is inside:  at the base of such rail, there are   reinforced with pre-stressed (stretched) strings, made from high quality stainless steel wire. After locking the strings, the rail cavity is filled with reinforced concrete. 

These strings together with rails are rigidly attached to the anchor supports, placed every 3 kilometres, and are supported every 50 meters by the intermediate supports. The rail head, on which unibus (the vehicle is called after Yunitskiy, its creator) will move, is perfectly smooth and has no joints along its whole length (the rail head is welded as a single weaving).


Such design allows you to achieve unique performance of the entire SkyWay transport system as a whole: a string-rail is characterized by high strength, rigidity, evenness, manufacturability of the fabrication and assembly, low material consumption and wide operating temperature range.

Location track structure above the ground is essential to reduce the cost of construction. According to an independent assessment of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Australian company MBM, the innovative SkyWay transport technology is the most economical, environmentally friendly and safe from all known and future transport systems. The mere fact of raising the track structure from the ground increases driving safety in 100 times, as   SkyWay eliminates the risk of vehicle collision with pedestrians and other obstacles, which is the main cause of accidents on the traditional transport. The presence the running off prevention system in in the wheels increases   the safety in another 10 times.

The most interesting is the unique performance indicators that distinguish SkyWay string transport from any of the currently known and existing public means of transport. For example, high speed (up to 500 km / h), and resistance to extreme climatic conditions, makes string SkyWay transport a chief rival of the aviation. A small area of  land and economy, allows SkyWay transport to compete with  such a giant as the automobile transport.

The creators also took into consideration the main trend of nowadays:  respect for the environment. Lack of  earth embankments, the minimal land acquisition, reduction of pollutant emissions in the atmosphere, make SkyWay  a serious contender for the title of the most environmentally friendly transport in the world.

All this and much more will be demonstrated to  the public already in 2017, when  EcoTechnoPark is scheduled to full commissioning, though the fright and  passenger urban transport are scheduled to the demonstration and certification already in autumn this year. 

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