Development projects


STY development projects are innovative projects of building structures and their elements, based on the application of string technologies:
high rise buildings with the use of vacuum glass;
automobile, railway, foot bridges and cross-overs;
airport flight-strips.

SkyWay development project Oasis

SkyWay development project 'Oasis'


1) Developing and inhabiting the undeveloped territories, surrounding the existing cities.
2) Developing hard-to-reach and undeveloped territories – mountains, taiga, sea shelf, natural and artificial islands, etc. – and creating areas for comfortable, convenient living;
3) Building of pedestrian urban settlements.
4) Joining of pedestrian cluster settlements with each other by means of STY high-altitude routes with the formation of:
suburbs for existing city;
linear cities: clusters, positioned 1 km from each other, located along one line;
cities and megalopolises (composed of linear cities) that are laid out in a grid-like fashion.

SkyWay development project Island

SkyWay development project 'Island'


1) Type of cluster city settlement: pedestrians on “the first level”; transportation lines, power supply utilities and information lines are located on “the second level”.
2) Only one type of transport in the city — “air” all-weather tube in the form of high-speed environmentally friendly and safe, city suspended STY.
3) The main concept for building each infrastructure cluster is an available and comfortable residence, with a diverse cultural environment.
4) The characteristics of cluster settlement:
occupied space — 0.5-1 sq km,
number of inhabitants — 5-10 thousands of people,
a centerpiece building of multi-functional retail and leisure complex, joined with the STY high-altitude terminal;
within walking distance (up to 5-7 mins ) around the centerpiece building the low-story residential units are located.

SkyWay development project Azure

SkyWay development project 'Azure'


1) Higher comfort and security of residential spaces are influenced by:
absence of automobile and other surface transport;
only pedestrian and bicycle traffic in the cluster;
within walking distance (5-7 mins) of the multi-functional retail and leisure complex, with access to the city suspended STY terminal.
absence of gridlocks, air pollution and noise;
absence of underground and overground pedestrian crossings.
2) Transport availability to other clusters of large cities, linear grid plan megalopolis – within 20-35 minutes of driving by city suspended STY.
3) Decrease in capital costs for the construction of cluster cities through:
absence of expensive motor roads with their heavy road topping, occupying a significant area of city land;
absence of extremely expensive lines for underground tubes;
decrease in the number of stories in a building;
simplification of utilities and systems of power supply.
4) Decrease in living expenses of city dwellers through:
simplifying and cheapening the transport and engineering infrastructure;
decrease in the cost of building land;
decrease of utility expenses;
improved logistics.
5) Improvement of health and living standards of city dwellers.

SkyWay development project Shore - Island

SkyWay development project 'Shore — Island'


1) Man living under natural environment conditions, without “rolling the land under pavement” and without the construction of “concrete jungles”.
2) Environmentally sustainable urban settlement, free of cars and other surface transport.
3) Visual absence of invasive transport systems on the city’s architecture and infrastructure due to the open design and low resource usage of city suspended STY.
4) Low resource usage and energy consumption of transport and engineering infrastructure.
5) Urban settlements do not encroach on the soil and the growing vegetation in both the occupied and surrounding areas.
6) Absence of smog - natural air ventilation.
7) Infrastructure cluster does not encroach on the:
natural landscape;
natural motion of surface and ground;
natural ecosystem and biodiversity of the occupied and surrounding area.

SkyWay development project - Resort on the island

SkyWay development project 'Resort on the island'


1) Formation of large, comfortable, secure and environmentally compatible living environments –, as well as affordable and social housing.
2) The possibility of creating special small cluster cities for disabled people, adapted for their needs and lifestyles.
3) Cluster cities are:
more resistant to various disasters and catastrophes –technological and natural, epidemics, terrorist threats, subversion actions, conflicts and wars;
less dependent on timely delivery of essential products, energy and resources;
created and functioning under the principle of sustainable development.
4) Cluster settlements are self-sufficient – they are less dependent on megapolises than traditional cities, and better connected with each other by communication lines.
5) Cluster megalopolis presents an environmentally more balanced and harmonious city living space compared to the hazards and dangers of typical traditional cities.

Общий вид автодорожного моста вантового типа, построенного по струнным технологиям


Взлетно-посадочная полоса, построенная с применением струнных технологий

General views of a cable-stayed road bridge based on string technology

Runway based on string technologies

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